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Project Fight Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 1.0.58

Fight trends around the world
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Project Fight Mod Apk is a game from a renowned YouTuber, offering an incredible adventure. Players will gather heroes from different worlds such as "Doors", "Backrooms", "Backstages", and "Skeebidy Toilets".

Dynamic Battles

Each match in "Project Fight" tests your strategy and reflexes. With each character's unique abilities, players must skillfully combine them to overcome opponents and dominate the arena.

Diversity of Heroes and Locations

Discover new characters and explore a multitude of vivid and memorable locations, each adding a twist to the gameplay. Your heroes grow stronger with every battle, allowing for various tactics and strategies.

Global Competitions

Join players in thrilling battles for the title of the best fighter. "Project Fight" offers friendly matches and tournaments where you can showcase your skills and strategies on an international level.

Leveling and Strategy

Characters possess unique abilities that can be enhanced and tailored to your playing style. Choosing and leveling up heroes require a thoughtful approach and can be the key to your victories.

Why Play Project Fight?

The game offers not just exciting battles but also the chance to join a vast community of players, share experiences and strategies, participate in events, and receive unique rewards. Under Zengi's leadership, this project promises continuous content updates and plenty of surprises.


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Developer Zengi
App version 1.0.58
Price $ 0
Downloads from MODzZ 1 102
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Money increases when spending. In order to spend them, first win any opponent!

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