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We Are Warriors! Mod Apk (Unlimited money) 1.27.3

Fight enemies in different time periods.
Android: 5.1+ Strategy / Casual 127,3 MB 10+


We Are Warriors! - A simple and engaging strategy game for those looking to have fun at any time. Here, you'll battle enemies from the Stone Age all the way to the 21st century! We offer a modded version of We Are Warriors! where your money increases with upgrades. The cost of units during battle is zero.


This casual project features an engaging gameplay experience with numerous levels. The main task is to battle enemies. According to the game's storyline, you find yourself in the Stone Age, when people lived in caves. Your mission is to defend your "homes" from an army of opponents. Initially, it will be very difficult to defend your abode, as enemies only need to strike twice, whereas players need to hit a whopping 500 times. Gradually, you will be able to upgrade both the heroes themselves and the durability of the cave. You will also be able to purchase stronger and more significant characters.


Food is the main unit because it allows heroes to emerge from the cave onto the battlefield. Improve the speed of food acquisition to assemble a large and powerful squad capable of finally defeating the strongest enemies. Gradually, you can transform primitive people into modern men and the cave into a cool mansion. In doing so, players will be able to make history, progressing through the centuries. Fight against dinosaurs, Spartans, and even tanks! Hurry in and become a great commander!


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Developer Lessmore UG
App version 1.27.3
Price $ 0
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Money increases with improvements. The cost of units during combat is zero.

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