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Traffic police simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)Traffic police simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Traffic police simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 7.6

Search for criminals in various locations.
Android: 8.0+ Games / Simulation 77 MB 3+


Traffic police simulator Mod Apk - A Casual Single-Player Offline Experience. Assume the role of a law enforcement officer tasked with searching for criminals in various situations. You can download MOD version of Traffic police simulator, where spending money will result in increased funds.


This project offers a vibrant simulator that enables you to become a hero engaged in the pursuit of criminals across numerous and distinct locations. Immerse yourself in all seasons, fully immersing in the game's atmosphere, allowing players to ascend the career ladder from a regular officer to a general. Stop vehicles, inspect citizens' documents, maintain duty protocols, chase down violators, and relish high-quality environments.


In alignment with the game's storyline, players assume the role of a diligent traffic police officer investing 100% effort into their duty. Issue fines, complete daily tasks, and fulfill other responsibilities typical of a traffic police inspector. However, it's not a straightforward journey, as reaching a high rank demands character development throughout the gameplay. Thus, you must choose the "path" for your hero: law-abiding or rogue. The lawful route involves diligently fulfilling all traffic police inspector duties while awaiting recognition for your efforts.


  • Increased money when you spend 
  • Chasing down violators 
  • Abundance of diverse locations
  • Criminal pursuit


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Developer Appscraft
App version 7.6
Price $ 0
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Money increases when spending

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