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Brick Breaker Journeys Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)Brick Breaker Journeys Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Brick Breaker Journeys Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

A dynamic puzzle game about a brick crusher.
Android: 5.1+ Games / Puzzle 74,5 MB 3+


Brick Breaker Journeys Mod Apk - A casual, single-player, offline puzzle game. Here, you're tasked with completing thrilling levels by smashing bricks. You can download MOD version of Brick Breaker: Journeys, where the value of diamonds increases upon expenditure.


This imaginative project is a captivating puzzle game in which you must break numbered bricks. Immerse yourself in a dynamic adventure set in an infinite universe, promising lots of amusement, brick demolition, boundless game levels, and more. Here, you'll assess the effectiveness of your strategic thinking. Unexpected twists are also in store. Dive swiftly into Brick Breaker: Journeys and relish the myriad balls at your disposal for shooting at unique brick patterns.


To conquer each successive level, you'll need to employ your mental prowess, combining logic, cleverness, and logical reasoning, among other skills. As you progress, the game introduces unique and beneficial bonuses to aid you in overcoming seemingly insurmountable levels. Embark on your journey, traverse sets of ten stages, appreciate diverse illustrations, delve into level generation, harness guide line extensions, capitalize on power-ups, collect diamonds, utilize the ball store, face advanced levels, and much more.


  • Diamond value increases upon expenditure
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Endless intellectual adventure
  • Beneficial bonuses
  • No internet connection required


Brick Breaker: Journeys screen 1

Brick Breaker: Journeys screen 2

Brick Breaker: Journeys screen 3

Brick Breaker: Journeys screen 4

Brick Breaker: Journeys screen 5

Brick Breaker: Journeys screen 6

Brick Breaker: Journeys screen 7

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Diamonds increase when spent

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